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Agritourism in the North-West Province


In this NWU Business School Bon Bon episode, Prof Christo Bisschoff interviews Prof Neels van Heerden from Tshwane University of Technology and Advisor to Agritourism SA about Agritourism in the North-West Province. The economic downturn and unemployment if rife in SA; the North-West province is also suffering dearly. Employment is basically non-existing while farming in the province is negatively affected by the cost of inputs. Fertilizer has double-digit price increases (attributed to the Ukrainian situation) and farmers are also financially pressured. This could lead to more job losses and a further decline in the social welfare of the province – especially among the poor. However, one area where potential growth and employment lurks is agritourism. Farm workers can be upskilled and earn better incomes while farming diversifies into tourism activities. How do the province and farmers secure such a new income stream and in that, also uplift and secure job opportunities? This video specifically addresses this new avenue of revenue, employment, and how to go about doing it.


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