Agritourism Training

Agritourism Basics and Rural Tourism Development for Entrepreneurs – Seizing the opportunity

Topics We Cover

Agritourism is a diversification income earning strategy for farmers and farming communities, but what questions should you be asking yourself before you embark on an Agritourism initiative

There are many, but you need to ask yourself pertinent questions because Agritourism requires commitment in order to be successful.

The recommendations depend on the type of Agritourism business you want to pursue, but marketing your Agritourism business properly to the correct audience will ensure that you do not waste time and money

Learning from the mistakes other Agritourism businesses have made will save you time and money. I need to know more about your business to understand what is and what is not going to work effectively and efficiently

Regenerative Agritourism and Regenerative Agriculture are linked, but what is Regenerative Agritourism?

This subject is vital to the success of Agritourism in rural areas that are not within the 2 1/2 radius of a city and/or big town. Where do you start?


Sessions are 1 hour, on Tuesday and Thursday between 10am and 12pm and 4pm and 6pm.

Please ensure you have a Zoom connection.