Agritourism Training

Agritourism Basics and Rural Tourism Development for Entrepreneurs – Seizing the opportunity


How to develop an Agritourism Business & Marketing Plan

“The Agritourism Business Basics”

Health & Safety


International agritourism trends

What do visitors/tourists want

Developing a promotional approach, for example, offering packages mid-week


How much to spend on marketing; what works, what doesn’t

Agritourism Training Registration FormIf you are interested in Agritourism Training, please sign up via the form below.

1) This is not a job or internship opportunity

2) Please fill out the form in its entirety

3) Emails regarding the training will not be answered on an individual basis. Please type any questions in the form.

4) The training will start January 2023 and consist of the following:

Please note the Basics – 3 training sessions online – 6 modules each session.

1. Agritourism – Introduction (both markets – farmers and visitors/entrepreneurs)

2. Agritourism – Starting an Agritourism business (including case studies) – targeting those in rural towns/areas

3. Agritourism for farmers and farm workers – targeting established farming operations

Agritourism Training Form