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Code Of Conduct

  • Agritourism applies to working farms.
  • Agritourism includes any tourism activity on a farm, providing the farm is in a generally accessible, safe environment.
  • No entry signs on the farm must be clearly demarcated for safety reasons.
  • No racism, sexism or religious intolerance is to be allowed by the farmer or farm workers towards visitors/tourists.
  • First Aid Kits must be available at all times.
  • A peaceful environment is important.
  • Clean and well maintained indoor and outdoor resting places for visitors/tourists must be provided. This includes water and ablution facilities.
  • The farm must be well signposted.
  • The structure of the accommodation (if provided) must be sound and in good condition.
  • Recycling is encouraged.
  • Water-saving initiatives by the farmers are encouraged.
  • The authenticity of the Agritourism product is important.