Company Policy

We are often asked about our farms and whether there are standards that we require for membership. Yes, there are. All farm members sign off on our Company Policy. For transparency, these are self-reported by our members. The verified listing badge on a farm or listing indicates how many of the standards the farm fulfills (recognizing that our farms come in all shapes and sizes and there may be a standard they cannot honestly tick off).

Agritourism Africa Company Policy*

  1. Members will support the overall collective ambition to grow the agritourism sector in South Africa for the positive good of the rural economy.
  2. Peer to peer support, helping each other to grow and develop your business is a key ethos behind Agritourism Africa. Members are expected to be as keen to give support and knowledge and share information as they are to receive it from others.
  3. Members will respect a business club where trust, confidentiality and mutual respect is paramount.
  4. Members will not share documents, how to guides, information provided by other members with others outside their own business and will not publicise this information anywhere, particularly for their own commercial advantage.
  5. Any information shared in the knowledge hub can be viewed and used by other agritourism businesses to support their business. All agritourism businesses will have access to view and use this information.
  6. In a context of sharing information and tips from others, members are not expected to directly copy the brand, name or exact concept or detail of an offering from others.
  7. The forum or any Whatsapp group requires members to act in a considerate and respectful way to others. It is not the place to share political views or to criticise other members and members will be contacted and then subsequently removed if conduct is not as we would expect.
  8. Members will use the Agritourism Africa brand to promote agritourism in South Africa to consumers and reinforce Agritourism Africa brand values.
  9. Members confirm their farm offers an authentic look into the agricultural lifestyle of farming. Members confirm they are farmers and are here to answer questions, demonstrate their daily routines, and provide knowledge about farming operations.
  10. Members confirm their farm is visitor-friendly. This means they make an effort to interact with their guests young and old and to include them in farm activities where possible.
  11. Safety and cleanliness are paramount. Members provide clear instructions about livestock, landscape, equipment, and other hazards on and around their property. They offer clean and comfortable accommodations.
  12. Members confirm they are the face of our agricultural operation. While they may have workers to help, they are present on the property, managing the agricultural operations, and interacting with their guests throughout their stay. Meals, when included and when possible, are made from local sources and/or from the farm itself.
  13. Only non-racial establishments will be considered for Membership status.

*Members who sign off on these standards are acknowledging they run their operation in accordance with these guidelines.