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Emmanuel Mwesige, a published author with a passion for farming and a member of the Rural Tourism Africa team, recently reached out with the following information.

I am a fan of agritourism and an advocate of urban farming especially container gardening. I believe this concept can form a vital part of agritourism as people can visit established container garden centres with a diversity of herbs, spices, and vegetables, among others. When people, especially the city and/or urban dwellers visit such places and/or other gardeners, they can pick lessons on how best they can also utilize the small space they have and in the end save on costs such as food bills as one can ably grow some of the food the family can feed on, among others.

The aforementioned can never be achieved if one does not visit individuals already practicing such concepts.

In conclusion, farming without land (CONTAINER GARDENING) is one concept that is recommended to agritourists to include on their agendas while undertaking agritourism.

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