Jacqui Taylor


Jacqui has over 30 years of experience in the Tourism and Agriculture industries, both nationally and internationally.

She has worked in Community Development Project environments and for Companies. She is passionate about Agriculture, Conservation, Animals, Photography, Writing and Sustainable Tourism initiatives.

She has succeeded in developing and implementing domestic and international marketing and communication strategies for a number of South African brands.

Her experience includes communication with a broad range of local and international media, guests and suppliers. Her focus is currently on Agritourism South Africa and Rural Tourism Africa initiatives.

She is a Member of the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists, the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She is also a Member of Vinpro, the National Science & Technology Forum, Agri SA, AGBIZ, the National Food Security Forum and Wildlife Ranching South Africa.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Email: jacqui@agritourismsouthafrica.com


Jacqui Taylor often refers to the “conduit” needed to get a natural resource, such as oil, from the ground to the petrol tanks of cars. The analogy applies to Rural Tourism and Agritourism which are key drivers of employment opportunities, providing an additional income generator to rural communities and a means to empower women and youth where there are few opportunities to provide a sustainable livelihood.  Her role is to identify and assist with the development of programs throughout rural communities.

She is a passionate communicator, marketer, and entrepreneur with over 30 years’ Communications and Marketing experience in the Wine, Agricultural and Tourism industries, both nationally and internationally. She is passionate about Sustainable Rural Tourism, Agriculture, Conservation, Ecotourism and Rural Communities.

Jacqui has succeeded in developing local and international communication and marketing strategies for several key tourism destinations. Her focus is currently on Regenerative Agritourism, Ecotourism and Rural Tourism initiatives, including Cultural Heritage Preservation.

Jacqui is an advisor on several Agritourism Development forums (IAN/EURAC), and she is also an advisory member of the UN’s Best Rural Towns Initiative. She is a frequent international speaker on Sustainable Rural Tourism and Agritourism Development at Conferences around Africa. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Rural Tourism Africa NPO 258-899; Agritourism Training and Agritourism Africa.

Personal Information

Family nameTaylor
First nameJacqui
NationalitySouth Africa/United Kingdom (dual citizenship)

Educational Background

InstitutionDatesDegree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained
Institute of Marketing Management

University of Stellenbosch Management

2002/2003Post-graduate Degree
Cape Wine Academy 2004/2006Certificates, Wines of the World
Quirk/University of Stellenbosch Digital Marketing
Quirk Analytics
Quirk Writing for Digital
London School of Journalism Feature Writing
2012-2014Non-degree courses in business management, digital communication, and technical writing

Work Experience

09/2016 to currentAgritourism AfricaManaging DirectorFounder of Agritourism Africa, which is a rural agritourism advocacy organization that provides training for rural establishments to improve their understanding of agritourism and its benefits for rural communities. The company also helps to coordinate and package agritourism offerings to enable rural hospitality businesses to increase their share of the rural tourism market. As Managing Director, I have been invited to numerous international and local tourism events to promote rural tourism opportunities and routes across Africa
09/2014 to 08/2016The Green RoadMarketing DirectorIn this role, I supported the EU-funded, The Green Road, which was an innovative food supply chain project focusing on disseminating organic and biodynamic principles in South Africa.
02/2010 to 08/2014Independent consultanciesConsultantIn various marketing consulting roles, I was invited to develop national and international marketing strategies for organisations, such as Solms-Delta Wine Estate, De Toren Wine Estate, Lourensford Wine Estate, Lanzerac Wine Estate, Stellenbosch 360, Mukda Thai Spa, and the Stellenbosch Heritage Foundation. I was also invited to consult for the Wordsetc magazine and the African Writers Centre to provide articles of interest on the wine industry for its audiences.
01/2004Meerlust Wine Estate and Meerlust FoundationSales, Marketing and Communications DirectorAs a director for Meerlust, I developed and implemented its national and international sales and marketing strategies. This included setting sales targets; budgeting and logistics; media, client, and distributor liaison; enhancing brand awareness and managing brand image and positioning; market research; and compilation of monthly sales reports. I also attended national and international marketing and promotion functions as well as managed the company’s sales and marketing department staff.
10/2002 to 12/2003Cape Classics Sales and Marketing ManagerAs marketing manager of Cape Classics, I was the liaison between twelve premier South African Wine Estates, including Meerlust, Klein Constantia and Buitenverwachting, with international wine distributors, primarily focused on the American market. This included brand management, setting sales targets, media liaison and organizing promotional events.
09/2000 to 09/2002African Collection of Orient Express Hotels Marketing and Public Relations DirectorIn this role, I was the marketing and communication liaison between International Orient-Express Head office and the African properties. I oversaw and managed the marketing and sales teams in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Botswana (including the Savute Elephant Camp; Khwai River Lodge and Eagle Island Camp). I was also their media and tourism trade liaison and was responsible for their annual marketing plans and budgets, coordination and production of promotional material, and management of research projects.
09/1998 to 08/2000Cape Metropolitan CouncilDestination Marketing ManagerAs Marketing and Communications Manager for the Greater Cape Town region, this role included liaison with national and international tourism travel organisations; destination marketing campaigns; preparation and implementation of marketing plans and budgets; event organization, including the Cape Gourmet Festival and several sports events, including the Volvo “Around the World” sailing race
10/1995 to 03/1998Cape Town Olympic BidMarketing Director & Atlanta Olympic Games Sponsorship CoordinatorAs Marketing Director for this bid, my role included Special Projects Coordination and Event Preparation as well as drafting of inputs to bid documents. At the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games, I fulfilled the role of Venue Marketing Liaison (Mountain biking and Horse arena) during the Centennial Olympic Games. I also developed a sponsor protection program and oversaw their interaction with the Olympic athletes.
Sept 1993 – Sept 1995City of DurbanCommunications & Marketing Manager
Destination Marketing Manager
In this role, I was appointed to initiate, market, and implement several national and international marketing campaigns for the Greater Durban Metropolitan region. My responsibilities included Media liaison and Event Co-ordination (Rugby World Cup; Durban July Horse Race; Tree of Light Festival; Sharks Rugby Final; Diwali Festival).


Mail and Guardian Power of Women 2021 award winner

References and endorsements by past employers

Hannes Myburgh, proprietor, Meerlust Estate:

“Jacqui was instrumental and very effective in building a domestic and international marketing framework for Meerlust wines, and contributed substantially to increasing distribution and also establishing firm relationships with local and foreign agents.

Jacqui is highly skilled and extremely dedicated, she is a pleasure to work with, and we at Meerlust will miss her a lot.  I wouldn’t hesitate in employing her again in the future if the opportunity arises.”

Nick Seewer, M.D., African Collection of Orient Express Hotels

“Jacqui’s responsibilities included the co-ordination of public relations initiatives, the compilation and issue of press releases, establishing excellent relations with international and local media and the neighbouring community.  All collateral, in accordance with the high standard of design and presentation required by the OEH, was created and co-ordinated from her offices.  These duties were always undertaken in an extremely professional and skilled manner, with inimitable charm and friendliness. Jacqui is open and honest, very enthusiastic and has an extremely warm personality. Jacqui worked at the Mount Nelson for a number of years in a PR and Marketing capacity and she was great!”

Gavin Dittmar, M.D., Meridian Wine Distributors, South Africa

“I would recommend Jacqui for any job she applies for, especially in marketing and business as she made a significant difference at Meerlust from the moment she arrived there.”

Claire Wright, M.D., Meridian Wine Distributors Cape

“Jacqui is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people with whom I have had the pleasure of working. Her attention to detail is unwavering and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Rick Taylor, C.E.O., Cape Metropolitan Tourism

“During her time at Cape Metropolitan Tourism, Jacqui was always extremely pleasant and presentable in her duties; particularly she built a tremendous rapport with the Trade, which in fact then saw her move specifically into the hotel industry’s sales and marketing arena.”

Jack Lohman, Director, Museum of London

“Jacqui is a highly motivated person. The single most important characteristic of her work is that it be challenging to her. Her self- esteem hinges on exercising her talent for working with people.

There is a sense of service and dedication in her approach to her work, which is impressive. She always shows great energy and enthusiasm, less concerned about recognition and more focused on her own personal development. I am always happy to recommend her and act as her referee.”

David Gouws Associates, Belbin Team Role Profile Report

“Your profile indicates a person who can generate ideas and can apply them in a practical and efficient manner.  Your ingenuity depends on your capacity for making continuous progress.

Your personal attributes are such that you should be able to make effective contributions in a wide range of situations.  You are also likely to be well regarded by a very demanding type of boss.  That is because you rise to practical challenges.

James Jatcko, Sponsorship Program Manager. Atlanta Olympic Games

“As the Centennial Olympic Games drew near, we sought to obtain the services of a select group of individuals with business or legal backgrounds to be our leaders at the competition venues. We are extremely pleased that you chose to be with us and our program was a success because you were.”

Chris Ball, C.E.O., Cape Town 2004 Olympic Bid

“Jacqui was the Marketing Director of the Cape Town 2004 Olympic Bid.  She is a creative and innovative person with many ideas.  She enjoys working with people, is a friendly and outgoing person and conducts herself at all times in a professional manner.  Jacqui maintains a pleasant and cheerful approach to her work and discharged all responsibilities with commitment and passion

Geoff Austin, C.E.O., Durban Unlimited

“During her period with us Jacqui made a major contribution to our destination marketing campaigns and we were very sorry to lose her services.  She was always professional in her approach to her assignments, and was highly regarded by all who worked for and with her.  She was exceptionally hard-working and dedicated and was an example to all our staff.  Her empathetic attitude was recognized by staff, and she inevitably was the one to whom they turned for help with their problems, despite the fact that this was not the role in the company.  Jacqui handled a high-pressure, high-profile position extremely well and I am confident that she will enjoy a highly successful career in whatever field she chooses.”

Samuel Seeff, Seeff Properties and Financial Services

“I first met Jacqui when she approached our organization for employment some months before her appointment.  Although we had no position available for her, it was this kind of innovation and determination that attracted us to her. Jacqui was perhaps one of the most dedicated employees that I have ever met, often putting in hours well beyond the call of duty to advance the company in any way she could.  She was trustworthy, self-motivated and extremely well liked amongst all members of the company.  She tackled her job with enthusiasm throughout and always remained a positive force within the company.  Much of the excellent commendation we have received regarding our marketing was directly attributable to her efforts.”

Dawn Dickerson, Advertising Manager, Truworths

“During her time in the advertising department there was an enormous flow of work, and Jacqui put in a lot of extra time to get through all the work given her.  This she did willingly and with great determination.  Jacqui always approached her work quietly and calmly in the midst of a very hectic environment.”