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Heart of Abalone conducts guided walking tours on the oldest and largest abalone farm in South Africa, Abagold. Here, in the New Harbour of Hermanus, the world’s most sought-after seafood is cultivated in close harmony with nature.


Our abalone species, Haliotis Midae, is unique to our coastline and flourishes in thousands of specially designed tanks and baskets, on land. The cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean pulses through the farm via an impressive pumping system, circulating 10 million liters of seawater every hour.

Our host farm are the pioneers of aquaculture in the country. From humble beginnings some 30 years ago in the home of a veterinarian who experimented with breeding of abalone in fish tanks, Abagold now exports in excess of 500 tons of abalone annually to markets in the Far East – canned, dried and live.

On the tour, you will meet this mysterious sea snail and learn about the culture, biology and vast infrastructure needed to farm millions of abalone. All our guests are booted-up for the walk-in appliance with the strict bio-security measures in place. It’s also part of the fun of experiencing all that is abalone farming. Highlights of the tour include seeing the open-air hatchery where spats (baby abalone) are nurtured; and walking through one of the grow-out farms where the abalone are happily and healthily housed in their baskets. You will also view the construction of the first-ever wave energy converter project. At the end of the tour, you can opt to enjoy a trio of abalone tasters.

Our tours are suitable for the whole family, small or large groups and will take place, come rain or shine.

Heart of Abalone is proud to showcase our host farm which presents a sustainable farming solution to this popular Asian delicacy which has unfortunately become endangered due to over-harvesting.

Heart of Abalone talks to Pretoria FM – take some time and listen to what they have to say! – Pretoria FM – Heart of Abalone


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