Project: Justice Tourism Foundation

Project: Justice Tourism Foundation


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Travel For Impact

Introduction: Justice Tourism Foundation (JTF) is a not-for-profit a grassroots heart-centered innovative social impact travel organization focusing on socially responsible slow travel as a way to connect travelers with the indigenous communities with the aim of promoting the local economy and to uplift wellbeing of host communities in Uganda through creation of sustainable livelihoods opportunities in support of many United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). 

A Metastory

Lets explore Uganda beyond the conventional safaris as we head to the Kahangi village . Home to thirteen integrated communities living adjacent to Kibale National Park near Fort Portal city located at the slopes of the Rwenzori mountain ranges in the western region of Uganda, we learn more about their rich history , cultures and traditions. Hiking at the Rwenzori mountain, inhaling the  Rwenzori mountain fresh air as well as immerse in the culture and cuisine of the communities in this area and dancing with the people and listening to their stories is an experience by itself.

As though the natural beauty of Rwenzori mountain ranges and fresh air is not enough, the communities that inhabit the area, make the place more beautiful. The cultural stories of the 13 integrated communities (Batooro, Bakiga, Batuku, Batagweda, Bakonjo, Bamba, Banyarwanda, Basongola, Banyamwenge, Banyagambo, Bahima, Banyoro, and the Bamba) is fascinating .The communities cling to a livelihood of agricultural life and herding cattle, goats and other domestic animals . These communities are known for their basket weaving, tea picking , art and annual cultural festival known as “Empaako”.

Taking a journey into the heart of the Kahangi village and taking part in some of the community’s daily activities Is A Once In A Lifetime Experience!! The women from these communities are entrusted with the role of being the custodians of traditions and indigenous knowledge, building and keeping their families. Learn about the lives and their resilience and commitment to extended family and community which have kept their families intact through centuries of adversity. You can envision days spent with women from these communities, cooking, beading, telling and listening to their stories, fetching water, picking tea. There’s no better way to make the world a better place than travelling for impact.

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