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The non-profit goal of the foundation is to increase the capability to act independently, and this for several target groups, both in developing as well as other countries. To achieve this goal, the foundation facilitates and promotes long-lived, sustainable economic activity, enterprises or entrepreneurship. The end goal is more socially cohesive and economically resilient communities.

The supported enterprises or projects should adhere to a triple P bottom line (people, planet, profit) strategy.

The foundation strives to realize its goals by maximizing the independence of the involved target group or enterprise, so that an enduring impact is made, an impact that continues even when support is gradually diminished and eventually stopped.

Our purpose is to empower people along the value chain of agriculture (and healthy nutrition).

‘If you take care of your land, your land will take care of you’

We are now 7 years active in rural Tanzania, working with different layers of society, educating people about healthy nutrition, sustainable farming and making some extra money with the local indigenous plants.

We work with women’s groups, schools, youth (soccer competition and miss election), and more.

Right now we are covering an area of 250 km. We started with re-introducing the Moringa tree, but have opened up to food forest trees and natural healing plants.


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