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Thinking Outside the Plot

Thinking Outside the Plot

Re-shared for educational purposes from the book SMALL SPACE VEGETABLE GARDENS by Andrea Bellamy

Almost everyone has access to more space than they realize. It just takes a little creative thinking to see it. I didn’t have the space to grow both peas and beans inside the confines of my patio, for example, so I co-opted the back side of my fence, which separates my patio from an alley (an alley is a narrow passage between or behind buildings). In only a narrow strip of soil at the base of the fence, I planted a family of pole beans, which climb up twine attached to the fence.

Take a look at your back alley: Could you install narrow raised beds along the alley’s edge? Take a look at your sidewalk: Could you grow food in the space between it and the street? Take a look at any hard outdoor surfaces: Could you have a container garden on your driveway, porch, fire escape, or staircase? Take a look at your rooftop: Is it flat and relatively easy to access? (Remember that you will have to get pots, soil, and water up there,
too.) Could it support the weight of a container garden? Take a look at the land surrounding your building: Could you convince your landlord or homeowners association to let you start a garden?

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