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Uplifting rural and township communities with unique tourism experiences

Uplifting rural and township communities with unique tourism experiences

Following months of behind-the-scenes work, we are thrilled to announce that our first Agritourism project – as part of our mission to showcase interesting projects throughout Africa – has been listed.

Want to know what that means? Well, that means it’s time you dust off those walking shoes, grab a few friends and immerse yourself in the outdoors for a unique rural and township experience.

The Tshwane Green Heritage Route forms part of the Tshwane Agri-tourism Project (TAP), a rural development initiative that aims to provide social and economic benefits to local communities.

This is done in the hope that it will teach appreciation for the environment and the importance to preserve heritage and culture.

The brain behind the project, Thabang Rabotho loves all things cultural and nature. So much so that that he has an inherent urge to see new places and discover new cultures – almost every other day.

“TAP provides an authentic rural and township tourism experience that aims to explore creative ways of developing these communities. While at the same time addressing socio-economic issues of unemployed and poverty,” Thabang explains.

Describing the uniqueness of the Tshwane Green Heritage Route, Thabang points out that the route runs from the mountainous Haartebeespoort to the Tswaing Meteorite Crater.

Using the Molefe Makinta Road (M21) which cuts across six townships, two villages and the agricultural settlement of the Batswana, the route boasts a range of exciting themes. These include eco-tourism, health and wellness, heritage and culture, geo-tourism and even adventure tourism.

Thabang says, “The route aims to celebrate the heritage of its people as well as exploring how Africans before the disruption of colonialism, created and survived on indigenous knowledge systems which created wealth.”
So whether you are an adrenaline junky looking for something with a little more adventure, or the experiential kind who enjoys engaging with people, learning history and all things culture.

Perhaps you are the environmentally conscious type and loves traveling to destinations where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage abound. Maybe you are that one who eats, drinks and lives all things local. Listen, it really does not matter what your interest, the Tshwane Green Heritage Route is definitely a must do for you.

Founder and managing director of Rural Tourism Africa, Jacqui Taylor, shares that she was excited to see the puzzle pieces coming together with the launch of Agritourism Projects.

Jacqui explains that she wanted to give a voice to allow entrepreneurs in rural areas to coordinate tourism routes that offer different experiences and attractions. This, she says is so that the entire rural community benefits.
“We have such a variety of authentic rural experiences that visitors would find interesting. This in turn would generate an income for the coordinators of the routes and the participants,” Jacqui says.

Describing Thabang as a very dynamic and entrepreneurial tour operator, Jacqui says she knew that he would make the project succeed because his heart is in rural development.

“His route is on my travel wish list for early 2022. There are so many interesting stories to be told of the magical experiences that can be found in rural areas. Once the story has been told, success will follow.”

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