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Video T’s and C’s

LensTracks is owned and managed by Johan Rothmann. Since January 2018 LensTracks has produced 27 promotional videos for members of Agritourism South Africa. Apart from traveling expenses and accommodation, this was done at no cost to the members or to Agritourism South Africa. All these videos are available on the Agritourism YouTube channel (videos of ex-members were either deleted or unlisted). The videos were also uploaded into a Dropbox folder of Agritourism South Africa.

The arrangement with Agritourism South Africa was non-exclusive and LensTracks are involved with several other projects. To align the agreement between LensTracks and Agritourism South Africa with the other projects of LensTracks, the following terms and conditions will apply.

Terms and Conditions

LensTracks offers to produce promotional videos for members of Agritourism South Africa. These videos will be between 2 and 10 minutes in duration and can be used on various digital platforms such as websites, YouTube, and Facebook to promote these establishments.

This is not an exclusive offer to Agritourism South Africa, nor an exclusive arrangement with LensTracks. However, should it be accepted, LensTracks has first right of refusal to produce videos for Agritourism South Africa’s members.


Filming will be done on location over a period of one to three days, depending on the nature of the member’s operation. An extensive filming will be planned with the member’s input, to ensure that all the offerings and activities are covered in the video. With permission from the member, and where applicable, a drone can also be used to do aerial filming of the business.

A voice-over script will be compiled and applied to the video with an appropriate voice artist. Background music will be included in the video to provide a professional promotional video.


There are three aspects to the costing of the video.

a) Travel expenses
Members will be responsible for the travel expenses of LensTracks from Somerset West (or closer should LensTracks be visiting several members as part of a pre-arranged schedule) to get to the location and back to their office.

Travel could be by air, rental cars, or LensTracks’s own vehicle at a rate of R3.30 per kilometer.

b) Boarding and lodging
Members will be responsible for the accommodation and meals of LensTracks for 2 people for maximum 3 nights. Where meals cannot be provided, an additional charge of R400 per night will be added.

c) Video production
Members will be charged for the filming and post-production cost based on the duration of the video. This will be R1,500 per completed minute’s duration of the final approved version with a minimum amount of R3,000 per video.

An exact costing applicable to the specific member will be provided and agreed upon upfront. A 50% deposit of the travel expenses and boarding and lodging will be required not later than 14 days before the filming is due to start. The remaining cost will be payable once the final version of the video is approved.

Post-production and distribution

Editing all the digital assets such as footage, images, sound, into a professional video with a duration of 2 to 10 minutes can take up to 10 business days after filming, and after LensTracks returned to their office.
Once the video is completed, verified, approved and paid for by the member, it will be published on the digital channels of Agritourism South Africa such as the website, Facebook, and YouTube. Members will be informed when and where it was published and are free to include links to the video in their own promotional material and social media. LensTracks reserves the right to also publish the video on its own digital platforms such as website, YouTube channel and Facebook.

Should membership of the specific member with Agritourism South Africa ends for whatever reason, the video and links to the video will be removed from all Agritourism South Africa’s digital channels.


A subtle, digital watermark of Agritourism South Africa will appear in a corner through-out the video. Copyright of the video belongs to LensTracks. This means that the video does not become the member’s or Agritourism South Africa’s property, but is available for as long as the member is a paid-up member of Agritourism South Africa.

The video will be produced in HD quality format. Credits such as the narrator, music, and “Produced by LensTracks” will be included at the end of the video.

What Does Agritourism South Africa Need To Do?

Agritourism South Africa needs to introduce LensTracks to its members and communicate what LensTracks can provide. This will be in the form of an introductory newsletter, information pack for new members, as well as information on Agritourism South Africa’s website. Agritourism South Africa is not involved in the negotiations about the video and eventual transactions between LensTracks and the member.

Provide LensTracks with a digital version of the latest Agritourism South Africa logo that can be used as a watermark in all videos produced. Access should be granted so that LensTracks can upload approved videos onto the Agritourism South Africa YouTube channel.

Approved and paid-for videos need to be added to the member’s page on the Agritourism South Africa’s website and promoted on Facebook. Videos of members who end their membership with Agritourism South Africa must be deleted from all digital platforms owned/managed by Agritourism South Africa.

What Will Agritourism South Africa Gain?

Promotional video material of its members branded with Agritourism South Africa’s logo that can be uploaded to its YouTube channel and used during any marketing event.

Wider reach to potential tourists through digital platforms such as YouTube.

Potentially more visitors to members, more members, and indirectly more income.

What Does A Member Need To Do?

A member is responsible for the costs involved to obtain the video. This is the cost payable to LensTracks for traveling, boarding and lodging, and video production as defined above. Members need to assist LensTracks with the planning of the video production by indicating all the necessary features as described in the production process. Members need to grant access and approval to LensTracks for the filming as planned. Members need to assist LensTracks with the post-production process by providing additional information, digital versions of logos and other images that may be required, and respond with approval requests of scripts and the video.

What Will A Member Receive and Gain?

A promotional video between 2 and 10 minutes in duration of the member’s facilities and offerings for guests/tourists/visitors at the discounted price as indicated above. The video will be published on Agritourism South Africa’s digital platforms such as the website, YouTube channel, and Facebook.

This should attract more visitors and business for the member.

What Will Be Included In The Video?

Each member is unique and will be portrayed as such in the video. The idea is to attract guests/tourists/visitors and therefor the focus will be on attractions, facilities and amenities offered by the member.

Video Production Process

This information about the production process will enable members to prepare better for the scheduled Agritourism video production. These are guidelines only and will be adapted according to the unique requirements of each member.


On the arrival date, LensTracks will be on location between 2pm and 4pm, and depart by 9am on the date of departure, unless different arrangements were made.

Planning the shoot

On arrival, LensTracks will sit down with the owners/managers and plan the filming with their input. Each of the aspects as described below will be discussed and a tick list will be compiled to ensure that nothing is missed.
A short, on camera interview with owners/managers/staff is usually included in the video. It should be planned in advance: who will be interviewed, and what topic(s) will be addressed in the interview. The interview will take up less than 30 seconds in the final video.

Aspects to be filmed

The Farm
A landscape overview of the farm that will give viewers a good idea what to expect when they arrive as guests. Think about unique features such as mountains, rivers, dams, fields, crops, gardens, trees, flowers, historic features, etc.

Farming activities
The main farming activities of the working farm need to be filmed, preferably with live action of these activities. Farm animals and farm produce that form part of the working farm or the leisure activities must be included where possible.

The interior and exterior of all the accommodation options (where applicable) will be filmed. Offices and reception areas (where applicable) can be included. Where meals are provided to visitors, it will be included in the filming, preferably with people enjoying a meal.

Leisure activities
All leisure activities offered need to be filmed. This includes activities such as hiking, cycling, horse riding, swimming, fishing, birding, game viewing, feeding animals, tasting, children playgrounds, etc. Once again, it will be better to film live action. If possible, members should arrange with friends and family to come and do these activities for the sake of filming it.

Attractions in the area
Any other attractions that are close to the farm and accessible for visitors can be included and/or filmed for the video. Members to arrange access for filming from the responsible people.

Video text for voice-over

Notes will be taken during filming that will assist to write the script for the voice-over of the video. The more comprehensive information, the better the script (and video) will be. Digital versions such as Word documents of additional information can be provided where possible. Members can indicate their choice of language (Afrikaans or English) and preference for male or female voice.

Use of member’s material

It is not always possible to film all the aspects during the scheduled visit due to weather or different seasons. In such cases, LensTracks may use some of the member’s own video or photo material. If there is a logo for the establishment or business that need to be included in the video, the member needs to provide a digital version to LensTracks. The preferred format is .png but a .jpeg will also suffice.

The above should be prepared before the scheduled visit so that LensTracks can copy it onto a memory stick during their visit. The member’s contact details will be displayed at the end of the video. This needs to be decided and prepared, for example website address, email address, mobile numbers, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


To discuss the production of promotional videos or any aspect of these terms and conditions, contact LensTracks directly:

Johan Rothmann

Tel: (021) 855-5159 Mobile: 084 580 4000

LensTracks website:
LensTracks YouTube channel:
Agritourism SA YouTube channel: